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Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India Registration number: RA5895058

How our Visa Services work?

Our visa experts begin by understanding your goals in detail, then craft a tailored solution, selecting the pathway and destination best-suited to you.

Who we are?

Our visa experts at Visa Now aim at providing not just the documents, but comprehensive guidance at every step of your global journey.

Why us

Over the past 14 years, our M.D., Mr. Rupinder Singh, has made possible countless lifetime journeys, one visa at a time, garnering a reputation as one of the most trusted Visa Consultants in the tricity area.

Our Vision

INDIA today is home to 1/5th of the Humanity and is the 5th largest economy globally . With 50% of it’s population below the age of 25 years and an overwhelming 65% below 35 years, India poses as a goldmine of unlimited talent and potential.

Here, at Visa Now, we strive to do our part in bridging this gap between the unrepresented talent and the the myriad opportunities in the developed world. Join us in this journey towards excellence and seize the limitless possibilities that await! We are registered with Ministry Of External Affairs of Government Of India (Certificate No: RA 5895058) and thus, authorised to recruit from the incredible talent pool that country offers.

Empowering dreams since 2009

14+ years of experience

Mr. Rupinder Singh is an experienced professional with a diverse background in various industries in both India and New Zealand. He holds an MBA, and is a resident of New Zealand.

Beginning his career in media, Mr. Singh has acquired a broad range of experiences working in various sectors before venturing into immigration back in 2009, and helping make visa success stories has been his goal ever since.

With 14 years of experience in this field, he has assisted numerous individuals in navigating the complex process of applying for study visas Canada, NZ, UK and Australia.

His mission for Visa Now Services is that 'services' is not just a part of our name, but also defines our vision to render exceptional service, thereby creating trust for a lifetime.

Choose your Country



Canadian visa presents a multitude of advantages for individuals seeking new horizons. Canada's diverse and welcoming society offers a unique blend of cultures and experiences.


Australian visa is a gateway to a world of advantages and opportunities. Australia's breathtaking landscapes, including the Great Barrier Reef and the vast Outback, provide unparalleled natural beauty.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom (UK) visa comes with a multitude of advantages. The UK is renowned for its rich history, cultural diversity, and vibrant cities, offering a unique blend of tradition and modernity.



Schengen visa offers the freedom to explore diverse cultures, access prestigious education and career opportunities, and enjoy the convenience of visa-free travel within the Schengen Area.


New Zealand

From Queenstown to Wellington to Auckland, Unlock the gateway to New Zealand's stunning cities and awe-inspiring natural wonders. We specialize in securing visitor, work, study, and spouse visas, so leave the visa documentation for your Kiwi journey in our hands, stress-free.



Our tourist visa services are catered to bringing you a slice of the American dream. From the landscapes of the south to the east coast NYC skyline to the west-coast beaches of California, our customized visa services will be all you need to make sure your travel dreams are a reality.

We give our best

Real Time Status

Real-time status tracking is a crucial aspect of visa services, providing applicants with timely updates on their visa journey.

Expert Help & Live Chat

A platform or service where individuals can engage in real-time conversations with knowledgeable experts or professionals.


No Hidden Fees

No hidden fees is a straightforward and reassuring statement that communicates transparency and honesty in pricing

Business Visa

Business visa that allows individuals to enter a foreign country for the purpose of conducting business-related activities.

Student Visa

A student visa that allows foreign nationals to enter and reside in a foreign country for the purpose of pursuing an education at a recognized educational institution.

Permanent Residence

Permanent Resident Visa allows you to travel to a nation, stay for a period of time, and then seek for citizenship

Tourist Visa

Tourist visa issued by a foreign country that allows travelers to visit and explore that country for leisure, tourism, or recreational purposes.

Work Permit

A work permit is your ticket to take your career to the next level in developed foreign lands, gaining invaluable skills and expanding your professional network.

Spouse Visa

The Spouse visa enables an eligible foreign national to join and live with their partner in the different nation.

Customer Feedback

Initially, I had gone to the UK on a study visa and my spouse, Baljeet Singh, accompanied me. Despite spending years and a lot of money, me and my husband came back hurt and dejected back in 2014.

We saw many consultants and none had encouraging words for us.

Not knowing what to do next, my brother suggested Mr. Rupinder as he had relocated to Australia on a study visa through him. When we met Sir, he suggested me a post graduate diploma.

To everyone’s surprise, my visa got granted within 24 hours, and that too without an interview. I strongly believe that it was because of the meticulous filing of my documents by Mr. Rupinder. Going from utter frustration to a visa grant within 24 hours was very overwhelming for me.

Being a New Zealand resident himself, Rupinder sir guided me about the challenges and the struggles and every word of advice of his was true.

My husband followed me to NZ and we both now lived a blessed life here. Meeting him after 9 years was like homecoming for both my husband and me.

Jagjeet Kaur Study Visa

In 2015, when I first met Rupinder sir, I was overwhelmed with choices about courses and countries. I was keen on accounting-related courses due to my previous background. However, after having a look at my case, Mr. Rupinder suggested Culinary Arts for me.

Fast forward to February 2016, I had obtained my visa in just a couple of weeks and I flew to New Zealand. Here in NZ, being a student had its own challenges. I reached out to Rupinder sir for his assistance in finding a job and he was there for me. Being a NZ resident himself, he connected me to one of his friends and I got my first break.

I started as a kitchen hand, washing dishes, and gradually progressed to become a commis chef, then chef de partie, sous chef, and finally, in 2019, the head chef. In 2020, I obtained residency and now hold the position of an executive chef in a renowned New Zealand franchise.

Today, I cherish and enjoy every moment of my life here, all because of the right guidance by Mr. Rupinder.

King Study Visa

After seeing how easy Mr. Rupinder’s team made it for my brother to move abroad, I also decided to reach out to him in 2017. I moved to NZ the same year after obtaining my visa in just 4 weeks.

Owing to my background in business, Mr. Rupinder guided me to apply for a one-year course in business management level 7 in Ntech, which turned out to be an easy and enriching experience for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed my years in NZ, most recently working as the area manager for Dominos. I have since moved to Canada to be with my partner. My education and experience in NZ has facilitated my integration into Canadian society and I can now confidently say that I am happy, both professionally and personally.

Thank you to Mr. Rupinder and his team for everything.

Aman Sharma Study Visa

Seeing as my elder brother Joban, who had previously taken visa services from Mr. Rupinder, had only great things to say about him, I decided to give his visa services a shot.

Influenced by my friends back home, I had been adamant about going to Canada for my higher studies.

However, after a long hearty chat in which he heard my case, Rupinder sir suggested New Zealand as the best option for me to study and pursue a career.

To this very day, I believe that was the best decision I could make. After arriving in NZ in 2018,I pursued a diploma in baking and patisserie- levels 4 and 5. I can now call NZ home, and now have a thriving career as a baker here, working as a quality control manager, all thanks to Mr. Rupinder.

Over the years, I have been reaching out to Rupinder sir for both professional and personal advice, and meeting him after many years this March was an overwhelming experience for both me and my elder brother.

Triman Study Visa

I and my mother visited many visa consultants but none inspired enough confidence and trust.

Then my mother’s friend suggested Rupinder sir. We met him and he very keenly listened to my interest and aspirations. After examining my case, Mr. Rupinder helped me apply for a course in civil engineering.

I arrived to UK in 2020 and successfully completed my degree in 2023, and am now working as a civil engineer.

I am glad to have made a new life here, progressing well both professionally and personally. I will forever be thankful to Mr. Rupinder and his team for all their kind help in my journey.

Rahul Gupta Study Visa

After graduating from my Bachelors, there was no doubt in my mind about going to Rupinder sir for study abroad guidance since many people in my village had previously gone abroad with his help and all had great reviews about him.

Due to the meticulous documentation and proper representation by sir and his team, I got my study visa and an offer letter back in December of 2020, in the middle of the covid pandemic.

I believe that the college Sir helped me select was the best fit for me as it provided an enriching and diverse experience that helped me fit into Canadian society with ease.

Today I feel right at home in Canada, as I am well-settled in Brampton on my post-study work visa and awaiting my PR, all thanks to the expert guidance given by Rupinder Sir and his team.

Lakhvir Khan Study Visa
Lakhvir Khan

Seeking a career change in your 30s can be daunting. I found myself in that position back in 2013, overwhelmed by my complicated profile. This was until I met with Rupinder sir, who suggested New Zealand as the best fit, taking into account my education and experience. Since I held an MCA degree, most visa consultants suggested me to go for an MBA or Masters, however, it was on Rupinder Sir’s advice that I chose a graduate level degree in IT level 7 and this benefitted me greatly in the job market post studies.

Today, I am a permanent resident in NZ, and have a great job as an Operations head at T&G Fresh. While the physical distance between us may be long, my bond with Mr. Rupinder has only gotten closer and I only hope to nurture it all the more.

Hardeep Bhandal Study Visa
Hardeep Bhandal

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